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  • Build a change platform

    Recently McKinsey published its in McKinsey insight an interesting article which title was "Build a change platform, not a change program".  You will find the articl link here or on our campus. MECETT is a perfect tool to develop those platforms enabling change.   Let us explain you how!

  • The method ECETT finalist of the PEER AWARDS

    After the silver medal 2013 for training and people development of the magazine Training Journal, the method ECETT (MECETT) is now nominated as finalist of the prestigious "PEER awards" 2014 of the newspaper "The Independant" in the category "people development".  read more.

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  • Training on the method

    To be informed of the dates of training on the method please send us a mail.



The mission of Ecethos is to market the method Mecett in private and public sectors. In doing so, Ecethos develops ways to fund training of the professional of non-merchant segment (especially from therapeutic communities) by the method Mecett . The objectives are to improve the quality of work and the customer satisfaction and ultimately increase the success rate of rehabilitation of drug addicts. Consequently, this will result in better use of public and private funds allocated to it. In other words, the mission of Ecethos is to develop a winning bid for all stakeholders.